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Payment confirmation - Information and fees

The payment confirmation functionality allows you to send a confirmation to your beneficiary notifying them that money has been paid into their accounts. A confirmation will only be sent once a payment has been successfully processed. Where a future dated payment is loaded, the payment confirmation will only be sent on the successful processing of the payment.

To be able to use the functionality, you must go to the "My profile" page to activate it. The service will only be activated once the terms and conditions are accepted. It will attract a service fee for each payment confirmation sent and the current pricing is as follows:
    Email confirmation: -R1.00,
    Fax confirmation: -R3.50 and
    SMS confirmation: -R1.00
You are able to view and resend a payment confirmation from the payment confirmation history page as many times as they wish but there will be a fee charged for each confirmation sent. No SMS payment confirmations to be sent out between 9pm and 6am; all payment confirmations sent between these times will be sent in a batch after 6am. The payment confirmation sending details can be set up when the following transactions are performed:
    • Adding a new Private and/ or Company beneficiary
    • The result's page of the following transactions;
      • Pay now > Beneficiary payments
      • Pay now > Once-off payments
      • Pay later
      • Repeat payments
      • Manage payments